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What Are the Political Perspectives for Non-liberal Groups in Georgia?


Publish Date:
Expert Comment #12 | June, 2020

Possible political success of non-liberal groups with nationalist sentiments poses new challenges to important issues such as rule of law, minority rights, and Euro-Atlantic foreign policy orientation of the country. Given the context of fragile democratization of Georgia, such tendency is more noteworthy.

Such groups already participate in high-level politics, not to considerable extent though. Ultra-Conservative Party “Alliance of Patriots of Georgia”, which is present as a Faction at the Parliament, often holds the street rallies and brings Constitution-backed foreign policy of Georgia under question.  Perspective of potential political success of non-liberal groups becomes more interesting considering the fact that Ultra-Nationalist Public Movement “Georgian March” has transformed into a political organization and it is going to play even more significant role in political life of the country. Known for its anti-liberal counterdemonstrations, this organization is mentioned to be a threat to democratic development of Georgia in multiple reports.

Upon the request of Georgian Institute of Politics, selected Georgian experts responded to the following questions:

  1. Bearing in mind conservative values of the significant part of Georgian population, how can you predict more political success of non-liberal groups in the near future?
  2. In your opinion, what can encourage increasing influence of these kinds of groups in social-political field?
  3. In case these sorts of groups participate in the political spectrum more intensively, to what extent and how can the non-liberal groups affect democratization process of Georgia?