10/03/2022 keta

School on Party Politics: Spring Session 2022 was Launched

On March 4, 2022, the Georgian Institute of Politics, with the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Georgia, launched a project “Strengthening Sustainable Political Culture Among Georgian Political Parties,” which aims to promote value-based political culture in Georgia. 

The project started with the School on Party Politics: Spring Session 2022. It brings together 32 civic activists and young politicians representing 10 Georgian political parties to encourage their interest, motivation, and commitment to improving political culture in their parties and the country.

Throughout the project, GIP will engage with young party members to raise their awareness of consensus-based politics and effective communication with voters to identify and formulate policy issues reflecting the needs of their constituents. 

The participants of School on Party Politics will work on the following topics: 

  • History Lessons: Consensus Tradition in Georgia;
  • From Political Polarization to Political Competition: What Are the Interests of Parties;
  • Facing the Illiberal Challenge: Causes, Consequences, and Remedies;
  • Security and Defense as Consensual Result of Political Process (culture) and Public Participation.

The launching event started with the welcome remarks from the GIP team and honorary guests, Mr. Armin Rieser, Counsellor Human Security Adviser for the South Caucasus at the Embassy of Switzerland in Georgia, and Mr. Peter Wiebler, Director of the USAID mission in Georgia. Together with the participants, they discussed the importance of consensus in politics and evaluated the international experience. 

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