25/09/2016 magda

Autumn School – “EU’s Policies Towards the East: Deepening, Widening, Bridging the Gap?”

On September 19-23 Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University hosted the autumn school – “EU’s Policies Towards the East: Deepening, Widening, Bridging the Gap?”

During 5 days the autumn school participants had an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of European foreign policy and a broader awareness of how international organizations work, as well as, to discuss current European issues with international experts and academics.

The topic of the seminars was the insufficiently addressed problem of the bordering and/or overlapping of two economic areas, namely the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union. The applied scenario technique – a method of strategic planning, which is used in science, politics and economic/business studies. The project had two main objectives. Firstly, to inform the participants about the current political situation of the EU partner countries in the field of tension between EU and EAEU and make aware of the role of political communication in this regard. Secondly, to develop this knowledge further in future scenarios for Georgia and relations with and between EU and EAEU.

The autumn school was organized by Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich in partnership with Georgian Institute of Politics and Tbilisi State University and supported by DAAD.



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