21/03/2023 GIP

GIP Participated in the Inaugural Schuman Security and Defence Forum

Director of the Georgian Institute of Politics, Prof. Kornely Kakachia, participated in the inaugural Schuman Security and Defence Forum (Schuman Forum) under the authority of the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission. The #SchumanForum seeks to contribute to the important partnerships that underpin the EU’s high level of ambition in security and defence. The Schuman Forum is part of the EU’s broader engagement to establish a more coherent and comprehensive network of relationships with international and regional actors and bilateral partners worldwide. Specifically, it aims to facilitate dialogue and strategic reflection on international security and defence between the EU, its Member States, and their partners, examining ongoing trends, issues, and initiatives. It brings together politicians, senior decision-makers, military representatives from EU Member States and partner countries, and representatives from international and regional organizations with which the EU cooperates in security and defence. Members of civil society, thought leaders, and opinion formers are also invited.

For more information: europa.eu/!t8PBnJ


Find pictures of the Schuman Forum on the following link 

Video Footage:

HRVP keynote speechVideo link

First plenaryVideo link 

Second plenaryVideo link

HRVP closing remarksVideo link

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