05/04/2019 magda

Press Release: Upcoming seminar in Marneuli for young journalists and students: DCFTA implementation in Georgia

On April 16, 2019 The Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) will conduct a seminar for young journalists and students in Marneuli, who are interested in Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) implementation in Georgia. The one-day seminar aims to raise awareness about DCFTA benefits as well as main challenges for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). 

The presentations will be interactive and focus primarily on the assessment of 4 years of DCFTA implementation, legal approximation and upcoming regulations in DCFTA-related areas, including in Agriculture sector.

Who is eligible?
– Young journalists and journalism students breaking into the field (with up to two years’ experience) or about to start their careers in the media.

The seminar will be delivered by Natia Daghelishvili, GIP Project Officer and Associate professor at Grogol Robakidze University.

The seminar is made possible through the support of the International Visegrad Fund, in the framework of the GIP project “Experience-Sharing of V4 Countries to Promote Media Professionalism in Reporting Georgia’s European Integration”.

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