18/03/2024 GIP

“Mechanisms of youth self-government involvement and evaluation of services”- Trainings in Akhalkalaki

The Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP), on March 15-16, within the framework of the project “Supporting Youth-Oriented Public Service Delivery in the Remote Areas of Georgia,” organized a training session in Akhalkalaki on the topic of “Mechanisms of youth self-government involvement and evaluation of services.” 

The invited experts discussed with the training participants the involvement in the decision-making processes of local self-government, its management, competencies, and services of the municipality, testing, and evaluation of public services in practice. Furthermore, they discussed the challenges, needs, and problems of young people living in Shida Kartli. Through various simulation games or practical exercises, the attendees gained an in-depth knowledge of the mentioned issues. Together with the youth, representatives of Akhalkalaki City Hall, the local assembly, and the media attended the training.

The invited trainers were Liza Sopromadze, a local development and skills development consultant, and Davit Dzidzishvili, a researcher at the Law and Policy Research Institute and facilitator of simulation and mock raffles.

Salome Kandelaki, Project manager at the Georgian Institute of Politics, organized the event.

Similar activities are held for young people living in Shida Kartli and will held in the Autonomous Republic of Adjara. 

The project is supported by the Open Government Partnership (OGP) within the framework of the “EU for Integrity Programme for the Eastern Partnership,” financed by the European Union.

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